How To Interact With Contacts On Flickr

When you create and account on the Flickr website, you have the option of adding contacts. These contacts can be friends and family members that you would like to share the photos that you upload. Flickr makes this easy to do just by adding contacts from your Yahoo! email to your Flickr account. The following are the steps to take to interact with contacts on your Flickr account.

Step 1 - Log in to the Flickr Website

You will need to enter your Yahoo! user name and password to do so. Once you are on the home page for the Flickr website, click on the contacts tab at the top of the website. There are several options that are shown once you click on this. The options under this tab are: most recent uploads, contact list, people search, invite your friends, invite history, guest pass history and give the gift of Flickr. 

Step 2 - Invite Your Friends 

Click on the "Invite Your Friends" link under the contacts tab. After clicking on the "Invite Your Friends" link you will be redirected to a page that allows you to invite your friends using your Yahoo! and/or Gmail email accounts. Select the "Go" button on this screen to continue. 

Step 3 - Add Friends From Your Email Address Book

If your friends do not currently have a Flickr account, you can invite them to join. To do this, select the contacts that you wish to invite and send them an invitation to join Flickr. An email will be sent to these contacts explaining the Flickr website and the value of a photo sharing community. If they wish to join Flickr they can click on the link included in this email.

If your contacts are members of Flickr you can invite them to become your friends on the Flickr website. Simply click on the contacts that you wish to add to your contact list and click on "Invite Friends". Your friends will receive a notice on their Flickr account that you wish to be their friends and share your photos with them. After they accept the invitation they will be added to your contact list.

Step 4 - Share With Your Contacts

Once your friends accept your invitation, you can view your contact list at any time. You can also send photos to the people with whom you have invited to become your friends. You can also share photos by setting the permissions on the photos to be able to be viewed by the people who are in your contact list.