How To Get Video Conferencing To Work in Your Office

Video conferencing is making it easier than it has ever been to do business all around the globe. By setting up video conferencing in your office, it is possible to have meetings with people from anywhere on the planet. Video conferences mean that you can talk to anyone around the world without worrying about traveling or accommodation costs.

Setting video conferencing up isn't actually that difficult. Once it's set up, it can then be used over and over again to host many meetings. Video conferencing uses the Internet, which means that it's much cheaper and more convenient than a telephone call.  It's also much cheaper than video phone calls.

Step 1: Choosing Software

The first thing that you should do is choose the video conferencing software that you want to use for your business. There are many different pieces of software which can be used for video conferencing. If you are a small business, then you can make do with a free instant messenger application such as MSN. Alternatively, there are many more advanced applications. It is also possible to choose dedicated hardware for teleconferencing, which means you don't need to worry about using PCs for everything.

In order to make the right decision, you will need to consider your businesses requirements and needs. This should make it much easier to buy the right software and equipment.

Step 2: Choosing Equipment

If you are using computers for your video conference, then you will need to purchase web cameras and microphones. These are two very important pieces of equipment. If you don't have these, then a video conference isn't possible. Choose a high quality camera which will offer auto focus for good quality meetings. You will also need to choose the microphones you want to use. You can either use microphones which are suitable for the whole room to talk into, or ones for just the person sitting in front of the camera. In this case, you could use headset microphones.

Step 3: Additional Equipment

If you want to create a more professional video conferencing set up, then you will need to purchase additional equipment. Not everyone will like the idea of crowding around a computer monitor. You could purchase a larger monitor so that more people can see it. You can also add multiple screens to the computer to see different members of the video.

Step 4: Installing

Now you need to install the software on your computer or alternatively set up any dedicated hardware. You will only need to install the software on the computers which are gong to be used for video conferencing.

Step 5: Testing

With everything set up and installed, you will now need to test out the system. Try to host a video conference between two computers within your company. You can then test it online from outside your private network. By testing the conference, you can check the quality of audio and video.

You can then add to your video conferencing system whenever you want to add additional features.