How to Get a Free Flash Gallery for Your Website

A flash gallery is a perfect way of displaying all of your photos on your website. These galleries are animated and will automatically scroll through all of the photos you have on your site. These flash galleries were included only once on professionally designed sites. However, nowadays they are being included on all sites. This is because it's possible to create them for free. This is actually very easy and you don't need any specialist tools. Displaying all of the photos in this way makes it very easy to see all of the photos.

Downloading the Software

The first thing that you need to do is download the software. You can choose to download this software with or without sample images. When downloaded unzip and save everything in a folder.

Choosing Images

Next take a look through your computer and decide on the images that you want to use. To make it easy to find all of these try copying them all to the same folder.

Making Thumbnails

Once you have chosen the images you should then open them in an image editor. Then save them in thumbnails with 70x70 pixels as the largest size. Save these as a different file name.

Editing Images.xml

Open images.xml in notepad or similar editor. Then edit it all to change the location of the files. All you then need to do is upload the images to your website.