How To Geotag Your Photos on Flickr

Flickr has a unique option that allows its users to geotag photos and/or videos that they have uploaded to the website. Geotagging an image is a relatively new feature that is now being included in digital cameras and camcorders. Geotagging allows you to add a location to digital images. This feature is useful for those who travel often or move due to work or the need for change. Below are the steps involved in adding a geotag to your content.

Step 1 - Log in to the Flickr Website

You will need to enter your Yahoo! user name and password to do so. Once you are on the home page for the Flickr website, click on the organize tab at the top of the website. The following option are available under this tab: all your content, most recent uploaded, your sets your map. Click on the option that reads "All Your Content". 

This will redirect you to the photo editor on the Flickr website. This page has a gray box on the middle of the page that reads "Drag items here to edit them as a batch". 

Step 2 - Go to the "Map" Tab

You will then click on the tab at the top of the page that reads "Map". Since this is your first time using the map feature on the Flickr website a box will pop up on the screen encouraging you to add privacy to the content as this geotag will show the exact location where the images were captured. You can choose to allow the following people to be able to view the content: only you, friends and/or family, only friends, only family, only contacts or everyone. Once you have set the privacy click on the "Set Default Permission" button at the bottom of this box. 

Step 3 - Select the Location

You can now interact with the map on the screen. Use the tools on the right hand side of the screen to zoom in or out to choose a location. The plus sign is the zoom in tool and the minus sign is the zoom out tool. You can move the map around on the screen by clicking on any point on the map and holding down the mouse button. Continue to hold down the button as you drag the map and select the location for the content. 

Step 4 - Save the Geotag

Once you have chosen  the location for the photo, drag the photo by clicking and holding the mouse button onto the screen. Drop the picture in the location that you have chosen. Flickr will now add the location to the content. Congratulations, you have just added your first geotag!