How to Embed a Youtube Video

Youtube is the first and largest video sharing website on the Internet. Sure, there were sites like before it but Youtube allows anyone to upload and share videos. Plus, they even took it a step further when they allowed users the option to embed videos on other sites. Nothing like this ever existed before and it made it even easier to share great videos with friends on your social networks. 

How Embedding Works

Youtube creates an HTML embedding code for all of it's videos. This code can then be added to other websites where it is read as a video. It appears as a small box, depending on the dimensions in the code, that anyone can watch. Videos shared like this are marked with the Youtube trademark in the lower right corner of the clip.

While most social networks, like MySpace, can easily read the embedding code there are some networks that don't. You may occasionally find yourself adding the code to a page then have it look just like text when it's published. But this dilemma is becoming more and more uncommon as technologies advance.

Find the Embedding HTML Code

Any video on Youtube can be embedded, even if it's not yours. All you have to do is go onto the page where the video lives and click on the 'Embed Button' under the video player. The embedding code and options should expand under the video player. There are also several options under the code, like adding a border and altering the frame size. Changing these options will automatically alter the code.

Sharing an Embedded Video

Now that you have located the code and selected the options you can share the video. Highlight the entire code and choose 'Edit'-> 'Copy'. Next, go to the social network where you want to share the video. FInd the area where you're going to embed the video and choose 'Edit'-> 'Paste'. The code should now appear. When you save or publish the code it should appear as a video on the page. 

Sharing on MySpace and Facebook

MySpace allows you to embed a video almost anywhere where you can add text. You can embed video anywhere in your profile, on your comments page, someone else's comments page, and the bulletin board. 

Facebook is a little more restrictive when it comes to sharing video. You can not embed a video on Facebook. But you can share it's link and people can watch the video on Facebook from that link. The video frame size is fairly small.

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