How To Embed a Myspace Video

Myspace videos are another very popular video sharing website. This sharing website makes it easy to find a wide variety of different videos on all kinds of subjects. If you find a video on Myspace and want to share it with other people then it's possible to embed it in your website or blog.

Embedding simply means that you are copying the video. Instead of the video being loaded from your site, however, it is simply pulled off the Myspace servers. This makes it very easy for anyone to serve video content even if they have a limited hosting package. While embedding videos hosted on youtube or Google Video is very easy it's much more difficult to embed videos on Myspace. They don't make it easy but it is possible with a bit of know how.

Step 1: Searching for the Video

First you need to visit MySpace and find the videos that you are interested in embedding in your own site. This can be time consuming because you need to find a video that you actually want to embed. Once you have the video you can start looking for the embed code.

Step 2: Finding the Embed Code

Unlike YouTube and Google Video there is no easy way to embed videos. There is no embed only code anywhere on the site. To find this you will need to search in the source code of the site.

Searching in the source code will help you to find the embed code however it is time consuming. There is another option which is slightly easier.

Step 3: Finding the Video Number

At the end of the URL there should be a video number. This is unique to the video that you want to embed and will make it really easy to select the right video. To find the video number look at the URL of the video you are loading. This should look like the following "" Don't worry about the whole URL, it's only the number part, right at the end of the URL that you are interested in.

Step 4: Putting the Number in the Code

Simply replace the NUMBER with the video number of the video that you want to embed. Once you have finished the video code you will then need to copy the entire thing to your clipboard. Simply highlight it and copy it to your sites source code.

If you accidentally copied the wrong video then you will need to check the number and copy it again. Sometimes if you accidentally miss a number off then it will find the wrong video.

Step 5: Using the Code

With the code copied to your clip board it can be pasted into your sites HTML code. It can also be pasted into anywhere which supports HTML code including forum posts and blogs. This makes it really easy to embed myspace videos into your site even though they make it more difficult than other sites.

Once the code is embedded into your site it will automatically display the video in the chosen location. This makes it very easy to display any video from virtually any video sharing site on your website or blog.

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