How To Embed a Google Video

Google video is probably the second most popular video sharing website after YouTube- which is now also owned by Google. There are lots of different videos on Google Video about a wide variety of different subjects.  Whatever you are interested in learning about it will be possible to find it on Google Videos.

If you find a useful video and want to share it with the rest of the world you can embed it. This is simply where you copy some code from the Google Video site and then paste it into your blog or website. Once this code is placed on your site it will automatically load the video direct from Google Video.

Step 1: Reading Instructions

Fortunately because Google Video is owned by Google it has some very good directions and instructions teaching you how to do all sorts of things with the website. This makes using it and embedding the videos very easy. Read the instructions to discover how to embed videos in the site.

The help files are easy to find on the site. These will also help you to submit videos and do pretty much anything else you want to do on the site.

Step 2: Finding the Video

First you need to search on Google Video for the video that you want to embed on the site. Once you search for the video and find it you can then click on it to load it in Google Video. Then the file should start to play.

Step 3: Finding the Code

Now you need to find the embed code which should be to the right hand side of the video. This is in the same place as the tags and other features which can be added to the video.

To get the code you will need to click on the button which is in the middle which says "Email, Blog, Post to MySpace". If you click on this then you will receive a series of different link options which can be copied to your website or Blog.

Step 4: Copying the Code

If you're embedding in a website except for a Blog then you will need to click on the "Embed HTML" button. This loads the code in a new window which can be copied to the clipboard by highlighting it and pressing control and C or right clicking and selecting Copy.

The code will look like HTML and is easy to copy into the clipboard. Once the code is copied it can then be pasted into Notepad so that you can use it again if you need to.

Step 5: Using the Code

Once the code is copied into the clipboard it can easily be pasted into the HTML of your site. This is very easy to do and it can be pasted anywhere you want it on the page. It is also possible to use the code in forum posts and anywhere HTML code is accepted.

This will make the chosen video appear in the space where the code is pasted. This has the advantage of not adding any load to your web hosting package because the video will be loaded from Google video directly.

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