How To Download Youtube Videos to your iPhone

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the Internet. This is designed to make it really easy to find all sorts of videos on the net. No matter what you are interested in you are sure to find videos about it somewhere on YouTube. This is a fascinating site full of lots of great videos. The problem with YouTube is that you can only watch the videos on the Internet.

If you want to watch them offline then you're out of luck. Unless of course you download them to your computer. Once they are downloaded it's even possible to save them on an MP4 player of iPhone.

Step 1: Find a YouTube Video

The first thing that you need to do is search for a YouTube video that you want to watch on your computer. Once you have found it you need to wait for the video to load and start playing. You should wait until the video is fully buffered before starting to try and download it.

Step 2: Downloading the Video

The easiest way to download the video is to install the Firefox add on called Download Helper. once this is installed simply right click the video and click Download. The video will then be downloaded by the download manager.

Step 3: Renaming the Video

Once the video is downloaded it will be an FLV file with a long name. You need to rename this to be something more memorable and easier to remember. This is even more important if you're downloading more than one video at the same time.

Step 4: Editing

This step is completely optional. If the video needs to be edited then you can load it into video editing applications. It is also possible to edit the video after conversion if you prefer.

Step 5: Converting the Video

The video will now be in FLV format. This is the type of format used for YouTube videos. In order to play it on your iPhone it will first need to be converted into the right format. The iPhone supports a number of formats including MP4 files.

There are a number of different applications which make it possible to convert the videos to MP4 files. HandBrake is one of the easiest applications to use and this will convert all sorts of video into MP4 format which is compatible with your iPhones video player. There are also other applications which are even easier to use. These are applications that you need to pay for but they do work very well.

Once the video has been converted it is then possible to load it onto your phone.

Step 6: Loading the Video

Once you have finished converting the video into MP4 format it can then be imported into the iTunes application. When the phone is synced with the computer it will automatically be transferred to the phone.

By loading the videos onto your iPhone you will be able to enjoy them at any time of the day including when you don't have Internet access. It will also be possible to watch the videos while you're out of the house and nowhere near your computer.

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