How to Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook photo albums are a great way to share photos with your friends and family. Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social networking sites around at the moment. Everybody and anybody are signed up to Facebook and actively sharing information and of course photos. Facebook is a huge online community where you can go to find out about anything.

If you have ever found photo albums of your friends and family then this is great. However the only problem with Facebook is that the owner of the photos can choose to delete them without warning at any time. Just because a photo is there for one day it does not mean that it will stay there forever. Actually the photo could quite easily disappear.

There is however a great way to avoid this happening, and that's to download the entire photo album from the Facebook web site. Facebook doesn't support this and it's not something that they would actually encourage you to do, however it is possible by using third party software.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Facebook Photo Album
  • Facebook Account
  • FacePAD extension for Firefox
  • Firefox

Step 1 - Getting Firefox

Most Internet users are still using Internet Explorer which does the job of surfing the Internet pretty well. However it's not possible to use this to save or download photo albums from Facebook. If you are trying to download photos from Facebook then you will need to download Firefox. Firefox is easy to download and is completely free. To download this either search for it on the Internet or visit your favorite download site. Don't download it from anywhere which suggests you will have to pay.

Step 2 - Installing FacePAD

FacePAD is a special extension which only works with Firefox. Firefox can be expanded by using extensions which are simply small computer programs. There are hundreds of different extensions, but the one which will help to download entire photo albums is FacePAD. Search for this on the mozilla extension download site.

Once FacePAD has been downloaded and installed you will need to restart the browser in order to get it to work properly with the browser.

Step 3 - Finding the Album

Now you need to log into your Facebook account and visit the profile which has the photos in you want to download. Don't actually open the photo album, just get to the page which has the photo albums to click.

Step 4 - Downloading the Photo Album

Now you need to download the photo album, to do this simply right click on the photo album. You should see a list of options appear. Click download album with facePAD and all the images will automatically be downloaded into the Firefox download location. If you don't know where the files have been downloaded to then you can find it by clicking Tools, Downloads and then opening the download that way.

You can also change the location of the download files by clicking Tools, Options. Click the main tab and then change the download directory.

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