How to Direct Traffic to Your Flickr Photos

Flickr photo is one of the world's leading social media websites where users can share their photos with each other. For a photographer trying to break into the professional world, this site can offer a lot of exposure. But with so much talent out there and so much content on the web, how do you direct traffic to your photos?

The strategy that one must use to get web users to see their work is to promote their link wherever they can. More links mean more people clicking it, which will increase traffic.

Mass E-Mails

A mass e-mail is a good way of contacting people you know personally to ask them to visit your work. Because you have personal relationships with the people in your e-mail list, there is a good chance they will go out of their way to help you and pass on the link to others. However, e-mail becomes less effective the more you use it. People are very protective over their e-mail boxes, and if you bother them too much, you will quickly be considered spam. So only use mass e-mails if you're trying to promote something very important to you.


Use Facebook to send a message to your friends promoting the link to your work. Mention the link in your status so others can see it in their news feeds and include your link in your profile. Change your privacy settings so anyone can view your profile; after all, you never know who might be looking.


Put the link in your MySpace profile and promote the link on MySpace's bulletin board. Anyone you're friends with can view your bulletin board posts. When more people see your link, more people will come and see your photos.

Promoting in Flickr

Remember, the best way to drive web traffic to your work is to promote your link. A great way to do that is to add people as contacts. Not only will you build your own social network, but you'll also attract people into checking out your work to see who you are and what you're all about.

Another way to get your link out there is to comment on other users' photos. Every time you leave a comment, your username and link are there for others to click on. Just make sure you're leaving positive comments instead of negative ones.

Tag your photos appropriately, so that others can discover them when using Flickr's search engine. The more interesting and unique the tag, the more likely others will find it.

Finally, be sure to join groups. This will connect you with others who share the same interests as you and is a great place to begin building your audience.

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