How to Create Your Own Website with Online Photo Album Software

Creating a website with an online photo album software is a relatively easy task if you have the basic programming and software architecture know how. You can create a website with an online photo album software using a lot of different platforms like Joomla or WordPress. Most of the infrastructure software can be downloaded for free online, and the same applies for the photo album software mentioned in this article.

For example’s and simplicity’s sake, we will consider a simple website with Apache/MySQL setup and try to understand how to add an online photo album software to it.

PHP Gallery

This is one of the easiest solutions to implement and can get your website an online photo album software in a matter of minutes. You can either buy a PHP gallery plug-in or opt for any freeware from

A PHP Gallery provides a simple and customizable web application to create an online photo album on your website and run as embedded code within a single web page. Most of the options come fitted with an Admin panel that allows you to manage and edit images displayed in customizable photo galleries.

Light Box

Light box is a freeware that offers a simple and intuitive way to create and post photo galleries with a very cool looking overlay effect. All you need to do is simply add the plug-in to your website and publish the photo galleries.

You need not write a single line of programming code. Both of the above listed options use a MySQL database to store the information and a PHP based admin interface.