How to Create a Slideshow Within Flickr

Flickr includes a feature that will allow users to create a slideshow. This will allow visitors to view as many or as few of your chosen photos at their own pace without having to flip through them one at a time. You can vary the length of your slideshow by changing the amount of time each picture remains on screen and by the number of photos you include in the slideshow. If you would like, you can even embed the slideshow on your website to give it a fresh new look.

Step 1 - Login to Flickr 

First you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step 2 - Select Photos for Your Slideshow

Once you are logged into the site, you will need to determine which photos you want to appear in your slideshow. Click on the "Organize & Create" tab. The default will be to work from the Batch" tab. All of the photos you have loaded to the site will appear in a scroll menu at the bottom of the page.

Click and drag each photo into the area marked "Drag items here to edit them as a batch." If you accidentally drag a photo into the area that you do not want, click on the photo. The scroll menu of photos will disappear and be replaced with "Drag a photo or video here to remove it from the batch."

Step 3 - Modify the Pictures

If you would like to edit photos or add tags, you can do so from the menu directly under the tabs.

Step 4 - Create a Set for the Photos

When you are satisfied with the appearance and tags for your pictures, click on the "Add to set" menu.

Step 5 - Name the New Set

The default name is "new set." Create your own title for the slideshow and add a brief description in the larger text box area. Click "Save" when you are done. The first picture and the new title will appear on the screen on the "Set" tab.

Step 6 - Select the Set to Appear as a Slideshow

Click on "Your photostream" in the top right corner, next to the Flickr icon. The set you just created will appear in the area to the left of the screen. Click on the set you just created. The photos you loaded into the set will show in the order they will appear on your slideshow. If you want to make modifications or edits, you can do so from this screen. If you like the display, click on the "Slideshow" link in the top right corner screen. The slideshow will begin.

Step 7 - Changes to the Slideshow

You can modify the slideshow during or after it has run through all of the pictures. Simply click anywhere on the screen to bring up the menu. You can make the photos take up more of the screen ("Embiggen small things to fit screen"), add the photo titles and descriptions to the show, play the slideshow in reverse, and adjust the amount of time the photos remain on the screen before moving to the next slide.

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