How To Create A Set Within Flickr

After you upload content onto the Flickr website you will have the ability to organize your photos and/or video. Organizing the content will allow you to place the photos and/or video into sets with similar content. Managing your content in this manner will allow you as well as your friends and family to easily navigate the photos and/or video that you have uploaded to the website.

Step 1 - Log in to Flickr

You will need to enter your Yahoo! user name and password to do so. Once you are on the home page for the Flickr website, click on the organize tab at the top of the website. The following option are available under this tab: all your content, most recent uploaded, your sets your map. Click on the option that reads "All Your Content".

This will redirect you to the photo editor on the Flickr website. This page has a gray box on the middle of the page that reads "Drag items here to edit them as a batch".

Step 2 - Use the "Sets" Tab

At the top of the screen click on the "Sets" tab. You will now see a message in the gray box that reads "Create Your First Set". Click on this message. You will now see a message that reads "Drag stuff here to add it to the set". On the left hand side of the page there are two boxes. One has the text "New Set". This text box will display the label for this set of content. Erase this text and create a name for the set you are going to create. If this set includes photos of a vacation the name "Vacation Photos" will be appropriate.

Next you will hit the tab key or you can click inside the text box below. This box is where you will enter the description for your content. The description should include a few sentences to describe the subjects that are included in the photos and/or video that are shown in this set.

Step 3 - Add Content to Your Set

You can now add content to the set. Click and hold down the button on the content at the bottom of the screen. "Drag" the photos into the gray area on the center of the page. Once you have added all the content for this set click the "Save" button on the left hand side of the screen below the description box. You have now created your first set in Flickr!