How To Create A Flickr Badge To Share Your Photos

Flickr allows you to add photos to your blog using the tools that the website has set up. When adding content to a blog you will need to add a badge to your photos. The badge will enable you to choose the format for which your content will be posted to your blog. The following are the instructions on how to add a badge to your photos. 

Step 1 - Choose HTML or Flash 

There are two types of badges that you can choose for your photos. An HTML badge will show your photos in the original format under which they were posted. The other option is to show your photos in flash format. Flash format will allow you to showcase more than one photo as well as showcase the photos in more than one format. 

Step 2 - Choose Your Photos

After selecting the format for which your photos will be shown you will click on the "Next: Choose Content" button at the bottom of the page. This button will redirect you to another page where you will choose the photos that you will put into the badge. 

You may choose individual pictures and/or videos to put into the badge. This is done by selecting the "all of your public photos and video option". The next option is to the option that reads "your public stuff tagged with". With this option you can type a specific tag and any content with this tag will be added to the badge. You can also choose to select one of your sets to add to the badge. This can be done be selecting the "public content by one of your sets" option. 

The last option is to choose content from a group or from everyone's. These options allow you to select content that is placed on Flickr by other users. Once selecting the content that you wish to add to your badge you will then click on the "Next: Layout" button. 

Step 3 - Select Your Layout

You will now select the layout for this badge. You will select items such as: including your screen name, how many items to show, which items to show, the size and the orientation. Once you have made your choices click on the "Next: Colors" button at the bottom of the screen. This button will take you to a page that allows you to customize the colors of this badge. After choosing the appropriate colors, click on the "Next: Preview and Get Code" button.

Step 4 - Share Your Badge

Your badge will be displayed on the next page. There is also a description box that includes the HTML code with your badge information. You can now copy and paste this code into your blog so that you can include the pictures that you have chosen on your blog site.