How to Create a Contest on Flickr

Not only is Flickr a great way to show pictures to friends, family, and gain exposure as a photographer, Flickr also allows users to create a contest on the site. Whether you want to hold a small contest with your contacts, or open a wider contest to the Flickr community, Flickr allows groups to sponsor contests. Users have to join a group or start a new group with people interested in your contest proposal in order to start a contest.

Contests must also be approved by Flickr prior to being set up. If you do not receive approval, Flickr has the right to close your group without warning. Flickr also has very strict guidance on running commercial contests on its website. However you choose to work on a contest, even if you choose to work through a group, it is best to contact the Flickr administrators to make sure you are following all of the requirements.

It is recommended that you participate in several contests before you attempt to set up one of your own. This will give you an idea of what you want to use for guidelines and how you want to judge participants. Interacting with other contestants will also give you some networking to help get your contest up and running.

Step 1 - Find a Flickr Group That Sponsors Contests

The easiset way to see which groups are sponsoring contests is run a search on Google for "Flickr contests." Comb through the results to see if there are groups that have contests that match your interests.

Step 2 - Login to Flickr 

Log on to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step 3 - Go to the Group Tab

Click on the "Group" tab.

Step 4 - If You Found a Group on Google, Join the Flickr Group 

Enter the name of the group you found on Google. You can discuss your ideas about contests with the other group members. Since they have experience with contests, they will be able to assist you in getting a new contest going.

Step 5 - Establish a Network for Your Contest

If you want to create a group of your own, start networking through the groups on Flickr to get your contest support.

Step 6 - Start Your Group

You will need to start a group if you want to create a contest outside of other groups.

- From the "Group" tab, click on the "Create Your Own Group."

- Establish the audience you want (Public for everyone, Public with an invitation, or Private).

- Name your group, specify the group's interest, and establish the audience (is the group fit for all ages, or should it be restricted to adults ages 18 and up?).

Step 7 - Contact Flickr

Before creating your group, there is a link at the bottom of the "Create a new group" page, click on the "please contact Flickr first" link. With this link you will email Flickr to find out if your contest will be approved. They will provide you with further guidance on creating your contest.

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