How To Convert Youtube Videos to Flash Videos

YouTube is the most popular and best known video sharing site, it is filled with millions of different flash videos. While not all of these will be good fun to watch many of them are. The only problem with YouTube is that you can only watch when you're connected to the Internet. Putting the videos on a portable device is also out of the question because even if it does have an Internet connection it will be too slow.

The only way to do this is to download the videos onto your computer. While YouTube doesn't support the download of videos on its site it is possible to. These videos can be downloaded using various online services or pieces of software.

Step 1: Downloading the Software

One of the easiest ways of downloading videos is to use the Firefox add-on which facilitates this. If you don't already have Firefox then you will need to download it now. Then go to the official add on site and search for youtube downloader. This is a very nice tool which is still in development. There are some bugs but these are normally solved pretty quickly. This software is completely free to use and works very well.

If you don't want to use Firefox then you will need to choose different options. Another very useful option is to use Internet services. These are websites which make it possible to download videos from video sharing sites on the Internet.

Step 2: Installing the Software

Once the add on is downloaded to your computer you will then need to install it. Click the button and follow the on screen prompts to install the software onto your computer. Once the software is installed you will probably need to close your browser and start it again.

If you're using the option of online services then you won't have anything to install at this stage.

Step 3: Finding a YouTube Video

Next you need to search YouTube for the video that you want to download as a FLV file. This could be the most time consuming part of the whole process but it will make it possible to choose something good to download.

Step 4: Downloading the Video

Once the video is loaded right click the YouTube player window and select download. You will then be able to specify many different options including which format you want to download the video in. Most people will choose to download it in MP4 format as this can be uploaded direct to many portable devices. It is however possible to download as a Flash video which will be much quicker because no conversion is needed.

In the case of online video download services you will need to copy the URL of the video and paste it into the website. This will provide you with a download link and make it possible to download the videos directly to your computer.

Once the videos are downloaded you should spend time checking that they are intact. Make sure that the sound matches up with the picture correctly and if not you will need to try downloading this again.

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