How To Convert Youtube to an MP4 File

Youtube is home to millions of video clips and learning how to download these as an MP4 file can make it possible to enjoy them offline. It also means that you will be able to load the files onto your MP3 player and watch them while you're out and about. Some of the videos on Youtube are great and worth downloading while others aren't.

Learn how to convert your Youtube videos into MP4 files so that it's very easy to store them and watch them when the Internet is disconnected. Downloading the files is surprisingly easy although YouTube doesn't really appreciate you doing it. Also bear in mind any legal consequences with downloading and storing copyrighted material.

Firefox Add On

If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser then it should be possible to download an add on for Firefox which makes it possible to download the videos on Youtube as an MP4 file. This is one of the easiest and most convenient options since you don't need to worry about downloading any additional software. The add on will make it possible to download the videos direct to your computer.

This has a very easy to use interface which will make downloading the videos very simple. This solution will make it possible to download not just from YouTube but also from various other online video sharing sites including Google Video and Tudou.

Online Services

If you don't want to use the browser add on then there are also a number of other online services. These online services are very easy to use. With most of them you will copy and paste the code from YouTube into the website. This will then give you a download link to download the entire video. This is also a very simple option which makes it easy to get the files onto your computer.

These online services are very easy to find by searching on the Internet. Simply searching for YouTube to MP4 converter is very easy and will uncover many different results.

Download Managers

Some download managers such as Flashget make it possible to download the FLV files from the Internet. These can then be converted to MP4 files using online services or various other pieces of software. You can find which download managers support downloading from video sharing sites by comparing them on the Internet.

Using download managers is one of the most difficult methods of downloading videos from the Internet. This is because YouTube videos are delivered in multiple segments. Each of these must be downloaded and then combined together. The online services and FireFox toolbar do this automatically.

Once the MP4 files are downloaded onto your computer and they can then be converted and made smaller if needed. The files can then be copied onto your computer or onto your portable video player so that you can enjoy watching them everywhere. The video files are compatible with almost any video player on your computer.

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