How to Comment on Facebook Photos

Facebook has been a primary form of communication for millions of people over the past few years. As it grows in popularity, so does the number of pictures that people post. With more members and users on than ever before, the chance to comment on Facebook pictures has increased tremendously.

Login to Facebook

If you are not logged in and friends with the person whose photos you would like to view, you may not be able to see them due to Privacy settings. If the person does not have privacy settings, you should be able to view their photos.

Click on "Photos"

This will bring up the listing of photos your friends has available to view. Click on the photo that you would like to view and leave a comment.

Leave a Comment

At the bottom of the page, you will see a small box that says "Write a Comment..." Type in the comment that you would like to leave. Re-read and make edits if necessary before you submit. Keep in mind that your comment may not be private and that many others will be able to read it. Avoid using profanity or making suggestive comments that you would not want attached to your name.

When you are finished, click "Comment" and you are done. If at any time you would like to delete the comment, simply click "Delete" in the same box where you left your comment.

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