How To Collaborate with Online Friends When Making an Online Short Film

Anyone who plans to make their own short film with friends will need to find a way of collaborating and working with their contacts. The Internet has made it easier than ever to contact and work with friends over the web. The Internet is more than just a tool for researching thing; there are many methods of communication through using the Internet.

You can email, chat using instant messenger clients, and use VOIP services to keep in touch. These are very easy to use, and will all make staying in touch possible with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection. There are also many social networking sites that facilitate communication, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Step 1: Organizing Contacts

In order to make it easier to contact your friends on the Internet, you should organize and make a list of all your contacts. You can save the email addresses in the address book on your computer. You might also want to write the email addresses down in your phone book just in case your computer dies. Remember to continue updating the email addresses if they ever change.

When using instant messenger clients, you will find it very easy to keep an organized list of your contacts, as it is automatically updated.

Step 2: Sending Email Messages

Email can be compared to posting a letter since you can send an individual message. Email has become a victim of its own success. Because it is so popular, there are millions of emails floating around every day, and many of these are nothing more than spam. This can mean that it's quite easy to lose emails or accidentally delete them because the recipient thinks that they are spam.

Email does, however, have its advantages. You can send an email to virtually anyone at any time of the day. They will be able to receive it automatically the next time they switch their computer on (or through their smartphone). This means that you don't need to wait for someone to come online. If you want, you can attach sketches, diagrams and video files for discussion.

Email also has the advantage of creating a record which can always be searched through. This makes it easy to discover what you already decided. Using a free service like Gmail also means that the history is stored on the Internet. Even if your computer should ever stop working, you will be able to check the history.

Step 3: Internet Chat

Internet Messengers including ICQ and MSN are perhaps the easiest way of talking and discussing on the Internet. These are ideal for anyone who wants to chat and discuss anything. While you need to wait for the other person to come online, you can discuss anything and get real time answers. You can also send files including videos and sketches. Many messenger clients including MSN also have white boards where you can scribble and make various notes.

Step 4: By Phone

The phone is a fairly old piece of technology but it is still very useful. If you phone someone up then you can talk about anything. This also makes it really easy to talk about virtually anything that you want to. It also makes it much easier to help people understand what you are saying.

Step 5: Video Chat

Video chat is also a great way to collaborate with friends, as you'll be able to see them while you converse. You can also show them a prob you want to use in the video or anything else that may be of importance. It is always helpful to have a visual image.