How to Choose Photo Storage Boxes for Long Term Archiving

Photo storage boxes  are a popular storage option for photos and other items around the house, but how good are they for long term storage? If you have a lot of prints that you want to store for future use you may wonder what is the best way to do this. Should you put them in an album? Should you put them in photo storage boxes?

Acid Free

Make sure that whichever method you choose to save your photos is acid free. Any photo storage with acid will eat away at your photos instead of preserving them.

Large Prints

For large prints you will want to get a flat photo storage box that will protect your prints as well as newspaper and manuscripts.

Small Photos

An archive system that includes a box as well as acid free envelopes to organize and protect the photos is the best option. The boxes come in different sizes to fit photos that are 4x6 and 5x7 they also come in several colors and finishes so that can be displayed.


If you are planning on keeping the photos for a long period of time, refrain from going into the boxes to look at the pictures because the air can harm the photos. Also, if you must touch the pictures try to wear gloves to keep fingerprints and natural oils off the photos.