How to Change the Comments Settings on Flickr

Follow the steps below to adjust your Flickr account comments settings so you can limit who can comment on photos you have posted. Like many features on Flickr, changing a setting is relatively easy.

Step  1 - Login to Flickr 

First, you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step  2 - Navigate to Your Account Privacy & Permissions

Once you are logged into the site, you will navigate to Your Account. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the You tab and scroll down to Your Account near the bottom of the menu. This will open the main settings page. From this page, click on the tab labeled Privacy & Permissions to see all of the default settings on your account.

Step  3 - Change Your Comment Settings

Scroll down to Defaults for New Uploads. To change the Comment settings on this site, click on hyperlinked Edit to the right of the first option, "Who will be able to see, comment on, add notes, or add people." You have 4 options for determining who can comment on your pictures:

  • Only You
  • Your Friends and/or Family
  • Your Contacts
  • Any Flickr User
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