How to Change Image Size Selection on Flickr

Changing the image size of your pictures on Flickr is simple to do by following the following instructions:

Step 1: Find Photo

Once you log into your account on Flickr and your at the home page, click on the Organizr to bring up your albums. Find the photo you wish edit and double click on it.

Step 2: Open Photo

A new window will open, this is where you can edit simple attributes like name, descriptions, dates, etc. Under the thumbnail of the picture click on Open photo page. Depending on your browser and settings, this may open in another tab or window. Click on the new tab or window.

Step 3: Click on Edit Button

From the new window, you should see a bar menu right above your photo; click on the Edit photo button next to the delete button on the far right.

Step 4: Resize Image

From here, you can re-size the image either by pixel size or by picking a percentage. Anything over 100% will make the image larger.

It is possible to loose some image quality when doing this; after some experimenting with the options, you'll have some nicely cropped and re-sized photos that will bring out your subject and improve the quality of your photos.

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