How to Block Facebook Photos of Yourself

There are times when may want to block Facebook members from seeing your photos. This may be because the photos are less than flattering or reveal something you do not want to share with certain people, like family members, for example. Facebook gives you the option to block specific people and groups from seeing any pictures you post and photos tagged of you.

Step 1 - Sign In

First, sign in to Facebook and look at the top of the page. There will be an option to click Settings near the search box. A dropdown box will appear. When you click on Privacy Settings, you will see a group of options. Click on Profile Information.

Step 2 - Block Photos

Next, you will see a list of various privacy settings you may alter on your Facebook account. For photos, choose Photo Albums or Photos and Videos of Me. In the dropdown box, select those you would like to be able to view your photos. You can choose options such as Friends, Friends of Friends or people in your Networks (whether a school or city), or you can Customize it to choose who can not view your photos.

When creating a photo album, you can also choose who can view your album. This will prevent you from having to go back into settings to change who can view your photos.

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