How to Archive with Photo Storage Websites

Photo storage websites are some of the newest and most exciting mediums to store and archive your photographic collection. These websites have been designed specifically to address the photo storage needs of photographers. These sites cater to anyone with a growing collection of photographs and provides them with effective storage, archival and a backup solution.

Sure you can always use CDs, DVDs or other optical media to store and archive photographs, but the Internet offers more than just archiving photos. Photo storage websites act as a thumb drive in the sky that is always available. There are a number of websites that provide photo archival, storage and retrieval options. Examples of these sites include Flickr, Picassa, Photo Bucket and The Photo Archival Company.

Step 1: Sign Up

Before you can upload pictures to any particular website, you will need to sign up for an account for with the website. Most of the websites like Flickr, Picassa and Photo Bucket offer free accounts and premium accounts for a small price. Depending upon your needs, you can sign up for any type of account.

To do this, you will log on to the home page of the relevant site and select the "Sign Up" option. This will then initiate the process of signing up for an account. You will then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Once the process is completed, you will use the login credentials that you had selected earlier.

Step 2: Upload Pictures

As specified in the previous step, you will login to the website and then select a link that says “Upload pictures” or “Upload.” Clicking on the link will show a popup file browser or a java based file browser that you can use to select the pictures that you would like to upload. Additionally, you can use an uploader program if the site provides it.

Hit the upload button and the images will be uploaded in due time depending upon your connection’s upload speed limitations.

Step 3: Add Descriptions

Once the pictures are uploaded, you should be presented with a screen to add tags and suitable descriptions to your photographs. You will also be able to select the privacy settings as well. You will add in the appropriate descriptions and then click the ‘Save’ or ‘Finish’ or ‘Publish’ button to complete the process.

Step 4: Additional Considerations

The online storage space and bandwidth offered to you for a free account can range from 1GB to 5GB of storage and is dependent on the advertising revenues of the website in question. If you need more space and bandwidth, you can consider paying a nominal amount to upgrade to the premium account.

Using the above stated information, you should now be able to upload and archive pictures on a suitable online photo storage site that we have mentioned above. Remember that some sites may have additional steps for you to go through.