How To Add Notes To Your Photos in Flickr

Once your photos and/or videos have been uploaded to the Flickr website you can add notes to the photos. Notes can come in two forms. First you can add a description the photos and/or videos that you have added. Descriptions are a summary of the subjects that are included in the content. You can also add a tag to your content. Tags are labels for the photos and/or videos that you have uploaded. Tags should be a short label including one sentence or less to tell the subject of the content. Below are the instructions to add notes to your content.


Step 1 - Edit the Content

Click on the photos and/or videos that you would like to edit and hold down the mouse button. "Drag" the photos into the gray box that reads "Drag Items Here to Edit Them As a Batch". This is the area where you will edit the content.

Step 2 - Write Tags

To add a tag to your content click on the "Add Tags" button under the "Batch Organize" tab. A new window will open up on the screen so that you can enter text. When you tag a photo make sure that the tag represents the picture associated with the label. For example if you have a photos or group of photos that include your children, a good tag will be "The Kids". 

Step 3 - Add Tags

After you enter the text into the box click on the "Add Tags" button at the bottom of the box. The message "Tags Added" will display in a new box and you will click on the "Thanks" button to confirm that this has been done. 


Step 1 - Edit the Photo

Under the "Batch Organize" tab at the top of the screen you will click on the "Edit Photos" option. A drop down box will appear with the following options: titles, tags and descriptions, rotate and delete. You will click on the titles, tags and descriptions option under this tab.

Step 2 - Label and Save

The current photos that you have placed onto the gray area will appear along with boxes that allow you to add tags and descriptions to these photos. This is where you will add labels as well as summaries to your photos. Once you have finished adding the text click on the "Save All" button at the bottom of the screen. A box will pop onto the screen that reads "Changes Saved". Click on the "Thanks" button in this box to confirm that the changes were saved.