How to Access any User's Facebook Photo Albums

The social networking site Facebook is a place for family and friends to connect and share what's going on in their lives through both text and Facebook photos. One of the most popular features on the site is the ability to share photos with others. Members can upload up to 200 photos in each of an unlimited amount of photo albums they've created. Pending privacy settings, accessing another user's Facebook photos is simple.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Account

You need a Facebook account in order to view and explore someone's full profile. If you already have an account then skip this step. Creating an account is easy and free. Log on to, fill in the 'Sign Up' information and click the sign up button. Once your account is created you can search for friends and add them. Odds are that you're going to know a few people on Facebook because almost anyone has an account nowadays. After you request a few friends  you will have to wait for them to confirm that you two really are friends.

Step 2: View Other User's Albums

Once you have friends you can view their full profile. To view their photo albums click on the 'photos tab' at the top of their profile. This brings you to their photos page. The top three quarters of this page is devoted to thumbnails of photos this person is tagged in. When a user uploads pictures they have the option of tagging the people in it. You click on a person's face and select their name from your friends list. You can be tagged in photos that are not your own and can tag friends in the photos you upload.

At the bottom on this page is your friends albums. You can view every photo they've ever uploaded  because, by default, every photo is assigned an album. If thy have a lot of albums then you might have to click the 'next link' to view more because there is not enough room on the page. 

A Note About Privacy

Users can control who views their albums so there might be some stuff you may not be able to see. By default the privacy setting is limited to friends of friends. But that can be changed to 'everyone' on Facebook. Allowing only 'friends' to view your albums is another option you have. You can also customize your privacy settings so that only certain individuals can view them or you can let everyone but certain individuals check your stuff out too.

But by default you can see your friends albums and their friends too.

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