How Does Flickr Identify What Camera Took Photos

With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in photography, it is easy to determine what camera was used to take the photos uploaded on Flickr.

Browse the Site

You can browse Flickr's site in order to determine what photos were taken with what camera. It can help you determine the quality of the camera and whether or not the camera will be worth your investment. Log onto the site's home page and click on the link titled "Camera Finder." Simply choose a camera from the array of cameras available. When you click on the camera, all of the photos that have been uploaded to Flickr by patrons using that camera will be provided for viewing.

Upload Your Photo

When you upload your photo onto Flickr, you will have the option of choosing the camera that was used to take the photo. You will begin to type the make and model into the box provided and Flickr will designate the camera you likely used as you type. There are times that Flickr does not recognize the camera as it may be too new or no one on the site has ever used that camera to upload a photo before.

While it may take some getting used to, soon you will be uploading pictures and choosing the cameras like a professional.

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