How a Digital Photo Album Frame Works

A digital photo album frame is a device which looks like the usual photo frame, but has an LCD screen that can display several photos like a slide show. These digital photos can be directly transferred from your camera to the frame. Certain frame models also have the capacity of connecting to the Internet through a phone line for downloading new photos that will be displayed next on the screen.

The amount of photos that can be stored in the frame will depend on the model and its memory card's capacity. This versatile device does not require you to have a computer to view your photos and provides an appealing form of displaying them. Let's see how a digital photo album frame works and what its different parts are.


The digital photo album frame is either powered through the mains supply via an AC adapter or runs independently with batteries.


All digital photo album frames will have a CPU, very much like the one you would find in a handheld gaming console. So the digital frame is very much like a small computer, but its operations are very much limited only to certain tasks. With the control buttons on the frame, you can set the time when you want the display to automatically turn on and off. You can also set the duration of display of each photo in the slideshow. The main power of the CPU is used in models having a modem, when it is connecting to specific websites.

Controls and Interface

The control buttons on the digital frame are quite straightforward and lets you do the basic functions of adjusting the settings and other controls like brightness of the display. The interface for loading the photos from your camera will depend on the model, and it can have a USB or serial port. Some of the superior models have a modem by which the frame will connect to a specific site from where it can download photos. These specific sites are maintained by the company making the digital frames, and you can upload your photos, manage them and practically control most of the functions of the frame through this site.  


The amount of photos you can store on to a digital photo album frame will depend on the model. The storage is either on different types of memory cards or a flash drive. Basic models can store up to 30 to 40 photos and the higher end models can go beyond 1000 photos. Advanced models of digital frames will also have ROM for storing a basic operating system for the device.