Giclee Digital Photo Printing: A Brief Overview

Giclee digital photo printing is designed specifically for printing high quality art work prints. These pieces of art work can be reproduced so that they look extremely high quality. Many artists will use this technique to produce prints and limited edition prints. If you are planning to use Giclee prints then you will first need to do some research to find out about it.

What are Giclee Digital Photo Printing

Giclee is a french word which refers to the process of recreating paintings using an inkjet printer. The technique was originally developed in the early 1990's. It is used by art galleries and artists all around the world. This is used to recreate paintings for limited edition prints. Artists enjoy the ability to be able to print art work out and have it looking realistic even if it has already been sold.


It's possible to use Giclee digital photo printing technique to produce prints of artwork on different materials. Canvas and acrylic are two popular materials which can be used.


Depending on the size of the piece of artwork that you are recreating the cost will vary significantly. The larger the piece of work you are producing, the more expensive and difficult it will be.