Getting Started with Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0

Photo enhancer 8.0 by Imagic is photo enhancer software that is designed to bring life to your digital photos. With the Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 software on your computer, you are able to take washed out and dull digital images and make them look like professional quality images. The program allows you to easily add color balance and tone to your photos and give them a fresh, clean and quality appearance.

Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 Features

The Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 features an enhancement toolbar that is easy to navigate, a user interface that is designed for all skill levels and user abilities, a high speed algorithm for processing images, exclusive "virtual lighting" technology, color and lighting control and other enhancement controls for your digital images. With Imagic Photo Enhancer, you can save files in *.jpeg, *.tiff and *.png, along with other photo and image formats.

Getting Started with Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0

Getting started with Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 begins with selecting the version that meets your needs for your digital photos. Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 comes in a lite and professional version. The lite version is a stripped down version of the professional version that allows you to access all of the features of the software except the ability to save and print your changes. To access these features, you need to upgrade to the professional version at a cost of $59.00.

Getting Familiar with Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0

To use the software and get familiar with the functionality of the program, download the Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 Lite or trial version. Follow the steps for downloading the software, making sure that you take note of the destination folder on your hard drive that the program is sent to. Once the download completes, open the program so that you can take a look at the toolbar and user interface.

Uploading Digital Images into Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0

With the lite version of the program downloaded to your hard drive, you can begin using it to edit an enhance your digital photos. Load the photos into your computer from your digital camera or retrieve images from your computer hard drive. Using the commands on the menu toolbar within Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 Lite will help you upload the digital images and begin using the enhancement features.

Take time while inside the software to become familiar with the different features and the virtual lighting technology. You can make different adjustments or enhancements to your digital photo including color balance, tone, sharpness, contrast and other adjustments that will bring clearer and sharper focus to the digital image. You should be able to witness noticeable improvements in the quality of your images as a result of the enhancements that you make.

Upgrade to Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 Professional

As you become more familiar with the features within the lite version of the software and are more comfortable with using it, consider purchasing the full featured professional version for $59.00. This will allow you to save and print your images and fully appreciate all that Imagic Photo Enhancer 8.0 has to offer.

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