Fotoflexer and Photobucket

In the last few years, Photobucket had been hanging on to its imaging process, waiting for the release of the more advanced Photoshop tools. It joined forces with Fotoflexer instead. This online photo changing tool means that you can now adapt all of your images for Photobucket without having to pay for an expensive software device such as Photoshop, or a poor cropper such as some of the other online pseudo-photoshop tools. Being able to use Fotoflexer inside Photobucket means that users of the latter can now edit their images even after they have been uploaded.

The Advantages of Photobucket

There are many reasons to pick Photobucket out of the many image-hosting sites available. The most basic is that it has proven to be trustworthy and is a reliable online storage facility. Photobucket users have previously had to upload photographs which have been altered somewhere else, and this is not always a completely successful transfer. While Photobucket is a convenient way of storing your images, you may have previously been tempted to place your images in another hosting site which allows you to alter the images online. With the combination of Fotoflexer and Photobucket, you have the image hosting and image changing capacity on the same website.

Fotoflexer Improves Photobucket

Fotoflexer had already allowed users to place pictures cropped and adapted by users onto Photobucket accounts. In fact, any social networking site, such as Myspace or Facebook, already had the capacity to store pictures adapted by Fotoflexer, so Photobucket is simply keeping up with the trends. The main advantage is that you won't have to log onto a separate site in order to change the appearance of your Photobucket pictures; you will be able to upload the original pic, and then alter it as you choose. Being able to change your Photobucket pictures while using Fotoflexer means that you will be able to change and keep your photographs with a few clicks of the button.

Getting the Best from Fotoflexer at Photobucket

If you have already used Fotoflexer in the past, then you will no doubt be able to manage the new system from Photobucket. It is basically the same, just in a Photobucket frame. If you have not used the image changing device before, then you will firstly need to upload a picture, or select one from your Photobucket collection. It will appear in the middle of the screen, with a number of tabs running across the top. Clicking on one of these, such as "Basic," will allow you to access icons such as "Fix red eye" or "Resize." Clicking on the icons will take you to another screen where you can do all of your image adjusting. Fotoflexer not only allows you to correct the image, size or color of the picture, but you can also add animation or text, or even crop part of the picture and place it to the side. Having this in Photobucket means that you can cut the devil-stare out of your family photographs, erase weird shadows that are marring pictures, or just tidy up the composition.

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