Flickr vs Photobucket: A Comparison

Sharing photographs has become a vastly integrated part of the online experience; Flickr and Photobucket are two websites which serve in aiding such means.

Signing Up

Signing up for Flickr is quick and easy. In fact, if you have a Yahoo! account you essentially already have a Flickr account as they use the same ID and password. The standard Flickr service is free, and Flickr Pro costs $24.95 a year.

Photobucket is also easy, and free to start a standard account. It also had a Pro edition which costs $24.95 a year. 


Flickr has a layout which at first seems off-putting: a simple white background with blue lettering. As harsh on the eyes as this may first be, one quickly becomes engrossed in neverending pages of colorful photographs.

Photobucket had the upper hand with its layout. It is much more inviting as they have been working to compete with the popularity of Flickr. However, the actual flow of Photobucket's website is not as smooth as Flickr. Simply put, Photobucket looks nicer but Flickr is easier to use. 


With a standard account, Flickr allows for 100 MB photo upload per month along with 2 videos. Flickr Pro allows unlimited uploads and storage as well as statistical analysis of the traffic your photographs have been receiving. A standard Photobucket account offers 10 GB uploads a month with a total storage capacity of 500 MB. Photobucket Pro offers nearly the same features, including unlimited uploads and storage. 


One of the developments in picture hosting websites is that they are no longer just filing cabinets of photographs for use on other websites. Flickr and Photobucket have developed their own on-line communities on their respective websites. There are now groups to join, forums in which to discuss photographs, and competitions in which to participate.

Which website has the best community is up to personal choice. Flickr seems to foster more of a professional environment whereas Photobucket has more of a social networking feeling. Indeed, while searching through Photobucket, its pages seem to be laid out in a manner analogous to MySpace. Flickr is geared more towards photography which is created and uploaded. Photobucket is developing a community of visual information on various subjects (TV shows or music, for example) that one can search--much like a Google images, but all compiled into one site. 


The king of the photo-sharing websites for armatures as well as professionals is hard to best, and Flickr has remained popular and highly active for a reason. Flickr is easy to use and offers worlds upon worlds of photographic material. The simple layout works to its advantage in the end because it is the picture themselves which add color and character to the website.

Flickr offers the experience of original user generated photographic material, whereas Photobucket offers a style of photographic entertainment. Both sites offer nearly the same service (for free and payment) which goes beyond image sharing, the experience one to have after the photograph has been uploaded is entirely up to the customer.

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