Flickr Privacy Settings on Individual Photos

You may want to limit user access to a particular photo that you have uploaded on your Flickr account. It is not necessary to change all picture settings in order to restrict the access to either viewing or commenting on one photograph.

Step 1 - Login to Flickr 

First you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step 2 - Navigate to the Individual Photo

It is most likely you will want to create the individual setting when you first upload the picture. If this is the case, then you can load the picture with a batch of other pictures or by itself. If not, use Your Photostream, located on the main page when you login to Flickr. Click on the photo.

Step 3 - Select Basic Setting

Click the "edit" link directly under the picture. If you only want to change the access, or who can see, your picture, clicking this link will take you to the area to modify who can view the picture. Under "Who can see this photo?" choose the type of audience you will allow to see your picture:

  • Only You (Private)
  • Your Friends
  • Your Family
  • Anyone (Public)

Step 4 - Access More Advanced Settings

Below the "Who can see this photo?" choices is a link to "Show all privacy settings." Click on this link to access more advanced pictures settings for the individual photo. A new set of choices will appear.

Step 5 - Restrict Users Allowed to Comment on a Photo

The first setting to appear after accessing the more advanced settings is "Who can comment?" If you want to adjust who can make a comment on a picture, change the setting from your default setting to the one that will allow access to your preferred audience for the photo:

  • Only You
  • Only Friends and/or Family
  • Your Contacts
  • Any Flickr User

If your default setting usually only allows people you know to access your pictures, but you have a picture that you hope to get on Explore, you can change the setting to Any Flickr Us" to open up the option for all Flickr users to comment on your picture, increasing your chance to appear on Explore. If you have a picture of a more personal nature that you want your friends and family to comment on, but not want available to all of your contacts, you can adjust your default setting from Your Contacts to Only Friends and/or Family.

Step 6 - Restrict Users Allowed to Add Notes, Tags, or People

The second setting to appear after accessing the more advanced settings is "Who can add notes, tags, and people?" This option has the same settings available as "Who can comment?"If you want to restrict or open options regarding noting on a picture, or having people/other Flickr users tagged each other your picture, you can adjust that setting under this advanced feature.

Remember that Flickr automatically applies your default setting, so if you decide you want to change your default, you will need to go to settings. These instructions are only to change privacy settings for one picture.

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