flickr Photo Sharing on Facebook

If you enjoy digital photography on any level, there are several ways to share your work with friends, family and the general public, including flickr photo sharing. The Flickr photo sharing site is a great avenue to share photos itself and so is Facebook. Combining Facebook and Flickr together is even better and gives you more options and avenues to reach people. For instance, if you are used to uploading your photos to Flickr, but don't have friends with accounts on that site, it's a pretty sure bet you can reach them via Facebook.

Tools Needed:

  • Flickr account
  • Facebook account
  • Computer
  • Downloaded or scanned photos

Step 1: Activate a Flickr Account

Flickr is associated with Yahoo so it will be necessary for you to have a Yahoo account. The sign-up process is simple and once you have an account, it's yours for life. The positive to this is that you also have a new email account with your activation. The negative is that you now have another account to keep track of, although you don't have to use the email account for anything if you choose not to.

Step 2: Activate a Facebook Account

In the off chance you don't already have a Facebook account, the procedure to activate an account is also really simple. On Facebook, you have the choice of how involved your profile is and whether or not you share it with the general public or just the people on your friends list; the same will go for the photos that you upload from your Flickr account.

Once you have both a Flickr and Facebook account, you are ready to combine the two and share your photos.

Step 3: Upload Your Photos to Flickr Account

Flickr has guided steps that will lead you through the uploading process. There are different methods you can use so read them all before deciding. You can choose to have a Flickr icon installed on your computer to make it even easier next time. If you already have all of your photos on your computer or on a disc drive, it's easy to transfer them over to your Flickr account. You will have an opportunity to label your photos and to tag them. You also choose who sees the photos.

Step 4: Combine Your Flickr and Facebook Accounts

The last step to sharing your Flickr photos on your Facebook profile is to combine the accounts together. After you have all your photos uploaded and organized on Flickr, go to "your account". Once you are on your account page, click on the tab marked "extending Flickr". From there, you will see an option for Facebook and you can click on the highlighted text "Link your accounts". This will bring you to your Facebook page, where you can finish the process. Once you click the Facebook option, your accounts will be linked and you can choose which photos to share.

After your accounts are linked, you can choose to have your photos shared automatically or you can control it manually. You can tag the photos of your friends and family, and organize them into different categories if you choose.

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