Flickr Photo Sharing Offsite With Captions

Flickr photo sharing with friends, family or colleagues, when the Internet isn't around, used to be a daunting task. With current technology, this is no longer the case, as we now use our phones as an all-inclusive machine to capture every moment of the day. Before too long, you could end up with a hobby that turns into your next job.

Smart Phones and Pocket Secretaries

Smart phones can organize our lives in ways that we never thought possible and keep us on task. Not only can most smart phones connect on 3G, but also on wifi, so you can quickly show off your grandson or the latest catch on the lake. Downloading Flickr on your preferred device will keep your work and your livelihood close at hand.

Flickr Sideshow

This third party site allows you to embed a slide show of your photos into almost any format. You can also download the stand alone program. This way, if the Internet goes down, you still have access to what you already put together on the go. In this modern age, having instant access to something could mean the difference between landing a new contract or being passed over for someone who had some forethought.

Power Point

Making power point presentations is a fun pastime. It's very close to having your own production studio right on your desk. You can use the URL of your photos directly on the different slide. Best of all, you can even add captions or say what was happening in the photo. Once the creation of the slide show is done, you can even export them into a single file that you can execute at a later time.

Windows Movie Maker

With a little bit of time, you can use a program that comes with any PC. You can drag and drop pictures onto a film strip, set how long the image is to be displayed, and you can even set your captions either on the frame or create your own dialogue to go long with what is flashing along the screen.

Digital Story Telling

This has become a new and exciting career that could also be a possibility, especially if you love telling stories. This could open up a new career for someone that is looking for a change. Using different programs to present photos will allow you to add captions right on the photo or composed with the image in just the right way.

Some of these options can even be helpful for those relatives that are not techno savvy. This could make showing off the new dog or grandchildren that much easier. With so many options available to use, choose the one you feel the most comfortable using. Each one of these allows you to add your own captions to a photo right on the photo themselves.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: