Finding Photos of a Friend on Facebook

With the large number number of people using the social networking site Facebook, many users want to know how to find photos of their friends. In order to view the photos of a specific person on Facebook, you may have to be "friends" with this person. Increased security has allowed people to place settings on their profile that will prevent strangers from viewing certain photos.

Find Facebook Photos of a Friend

Click on your friend's name to bring up his profile with all of his information. You have one of two options to view the photos of person on Facebook. There are tabs across the top of a profile with words such as Wall, Info and Photos. Click the Photos tab to reveal photos that have been tagged of your friend and photos that he has added in the form of albums.

The other option to view the photos is to click on View Photos of (Your Friends Name) beneath his profile picture. This does the same thing as clicking on Photos on the main page.

Facebook has made it easy to find photos of your friends. You may scroll through their pictures by simply clicking on their pictures to go to the next photo on their page. 

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