Facebook Photo Uploads: Active X Control

Active X controls or add-ons are tiny programs that run on your Internet browser. They enhance your browsing experience by allowing animation or or other actions to be completed by the site that you are visiting. ActiveX controls are especially important for sites that are more than just text and pictures.

Do I Really Need It?

Some Web sites require you to install ActiveX controls to see the site or perform certain tasks. When you visit such a site, your web browser will ask if you want to install the ActiveX control. As more and more sites are becoming advanced and require more software, the need for ActiveX increases. While it is not necessary for basic web browsing, it is a necessity for most sites today.

It is necessary for uploading pictures on Facebook as it is an advanced control. You may upload the pictures one at a time with a simple photo uploader but if you have several pictures, it will be much easier to install ActiveX and upload the pictures in one large group.

What Are the Risks?

ActiveX controls are many other software program in that they can be abused. They can stop your computer from responding correctly, collect your personal information without your knowledge, or can create pop up ads that you don't want on your computer. Also, regular ActiveX Control may contain unintended code that allows malicious Web sites to use them for harmful purposes.

Knowing these risks, you should only install ActiveX controls if you have information about the Web site. With this information you should then decide if you can trust your personal information to the Web site. If an ActiveX control is not essential to your computer activity, you should avoid installation.

What If I Do Not Want It on My Computer?

As there are several sites out there that hide fake ActiveX Controls into their coding, it is very easy to get harmful viruses, malware and other negative items on your computer. If you do not want to load this program while browsing a site, simply click "No" when the program asks you if you would like to load ActiveX Control. Keep in mind that you may not be able to load the site in it's entirety.

How Do I Enable ActiveX?

Launch Internet Explorer on your computer. Once the program loads, click on "Tools". It should be at the top of the window. Click on "Internet Options" in the menu that drops down. Look at the "Internet Options" window. There should be tabs at the top. Click the one that says "Security". You can choose custom levels. You can also choose it to prompt you when Internet Explorer is about to install ActiveX Controls onto your computer.

Remember to never install anything from an unknown site as you run the risk of installing malware. ActiveX has made uploading photos to Facebook much easier and should be used if installing hundreds of pictures.

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