Embedding Flickr Video in a Blog

This article will detail how to embed flickr video(s) on your blog or web page.

It is a little-known fact that Yahoo's flickr supports videos. Other web services, like Google's YouTube, are more popular video hosts, but flickr has, since April 2008, supported certain video formats to complement their photo hosting. flickr only supports clips of up to 90 seconds each: the purpose behind flickr video hosting is that the videos will serve as "long photos," essentially that they will be simple glyphical sequences rather than detailed, plot-heavy, narratives.

Since April '08, a great deal of video has been uploaded to flickr, much of it high-quality content shot on modern HD cameras and licensed with non-restrictive Creative Commons licenses. This makes flickr a trove of great videos which you can embed on your blog for the purposes of disseminating art and ameliorating your visitors' experiences.

flickr makes it easy to embed their videos on your blog and provides a slick and modern video interface to viewers. Here is how to embed flickr video content on your blog...

Step 1: Find an appropriate video

If you have not already, find a video that you wish to embed. Follow this link to flickr's "Explore / Video" page, where you will find highlighted videos, and (at right, about halfway down the page) a video-only search field. Alternately, modify the options in flickr's Advanced Search page to find only videos or even to specify that you only want to search among Creative Commons-licensed videos. Having found the video you want, proceed to its individual flickr page.

Step 2: Select embed options

Above the video, find the "EMBED" button, which is coupled with a </> motif. Select this button and arrive at the "Flickr Video Embed" page.

Under heading 1, you can customize the player. Find settings that suit your blog. If your blog uses a conventional WordPress or Blogspot format, you may want to avoid embedding the video at a width of over 500 px, for you may be at risk of having the video spill over into the margins.

In the second heading, you may preview what the video will look like to your visitors. Once you are satisfied with its appearance, you are ready to embed.

Step 3: Copy the HTML code

Under the third heading, find a large text box filled with HTML code. This code will create an embedded object on your blog and point it towards the flickr servers.

Single-click in this box to perform a highlight-all operation. Now, copy that text (Right-click and choose "Copy") in its entirety.

Step 4: Paste the HTML into your page

On your blog, find the entry into which you will embed the video. Switch the editing mode to HTML. Generally, there is an HTML tab above the text editor or an "insert HTML" tool. Having enabled HTML editing, paste (Edit > Paste) the code into the editor.

Alternatively, if you are editing a web page, simply open the source in a code editor and paste the embed code there.

Congratulations, you have now embedded a flickr video in your blog!

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