Download All Your Flickr Photos at Once

After a bit of research, you may have found out how to download a picture from Flickr, but what if you want to download all of your Flickr photos at one time? That task is not so simple, nor can it be done from Flickr. Initially, this caused some rather large outcry, but Flickr had not meant for the site to be a sole repository for photos. All of your photos should be stored to a CD as a permanent repository. That being said, if you only have your pictures on Flickr or if Flickr is the only place that contains all of your photos in one place, there are a couple of free applications that will work to backup or download your files: FlickrBackup and FlickrDown. We will focus on FlickrDown load; however, you should keep in mind this is a third-party application and does not have support.

Step 1: Google FlickrDown and Download the Program

If you run a Google search for FlickrDown, it should be the first link to appear. After reading the requirements and agreement, download the file. Make sure to save it somewhere that is easy to remember for when you run the program.  

Step 2: Open the Program

If you do not have it set to automatically open, find the file location and open the program.

Step 3: Click the Authorize Button

Click on the first button marked "Authorize," and the one that appears on the pop up window. This will open your Flickr account in your default browser.

Step 4: Work in the Open Web Browser

The screen has two options. You should select the one on the right: "If you arrived at this page because you specifically asked Flickrdown to connect to your Flickr account, click here." Carefully read the information on the screen that follows. It will tell you exactly what FlickrDown will and won't do. Click on the button marked, "OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT." If you would like, you can now close the window.

Step 5: Complete FlickrDown Authorization

Click the button on the FlickrDown application marked "Complete Authorization." The program is now setup to download specific sets, batches, or all of your Flickr photos.

Step 6: Enter Your Flickr User Name

You can enter other fields, but your user name is probably the easiest to remember and enter. Enter the field and click "Lookup."

Step 7: Choose the Set, Batch or All Photos to Download

You should be able to start downloading pictures how you see fit. If you want to keep them split out, the program allows you to select a set, batch, or all of your Flickr photos. Just choose from the menu that appears after you have entered your user name.

Step 8: Setup a Location for Your Pictures and Start Downloading

Determine where you would like the photos to be loaded. You can do this either in Windows Explorer or from FlickrDown. Either way, you will need to navigate FlickrDown to the right location for file storage. Once you have chosen a location, click on "Download," and allow the program time to download the files to your computer.

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