Differences between Free Online Photo Storage & Sharing Services

There are lots of free online photo storage services available, and these are slightly different than photo sharing services. You will need to compare each of these services to decide which offers you the best benefits. Both of these services are free, however, different storage space is available depending on the type you choose.

Online Photo Storage

Online photo storage services such as SkyDrive make it possible to store all of your photos. This normally has lots of storage space available. However, it is designed specifically as a way of storing all of your photographs. By storing your photos online, you will be able to access them from any computer anywhere in the world.

There are many free online photo storage services available on the Internet. You should spend time searching for these. Most of them are free, but there is also an option to upgrade the account to a professional membership. This will provide you with even more space.

Online Photo Sharing Services

There are also online photo sharing services. These normally have less storage space available. These not only provide you with somewhere to store your photos, but also allow you to show your photos to your friends and family. It's possible to set permissions which will restrict who is able to look at the photo albums.