Configuring Bloom to Upload Facebook Photos

Facebook photo sharing features are highly sophisticated and a great way to share photos with family and friends. You don't have to use the official Facebook photo uploaders however, there are a number of third party applications which can handle this, including Facebook Bloom which can be used from the desktop.

Bloom is an extremely useful photo upload application because it is multi-platform and can be used on virtually any operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. It's very easy to download and can be installed easily. The software only has a few requirements, which makes it very easy to use.

Using Bloom is extremely easy and doesn't require much practice. Bloom is a graphical program which can guide you through all of the different procedures required to upload your photos easily to Facebook.

Step 1 - Downloading and Installing Bloom

First you will need to download Bloom from the Internet, the easiest way to find this is by searching for the Bloom homepage. Bloom is available for many different operating systems so make sure you are downloading the correct version.

If you don't already have a Facebook account then now would be the time to register for one. Registering for a Facebook account is very easy and won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Once Bloom is downloaded you then need to install it in exactly the same way as any other windows application.

Step 2 - Running Bloom for the First Time

Now it's time to open Bloom. When you open the application you will be prompted to log in. Simply click the Log in Button and a web page will pop up asking you to sign into Facebook, this is the normal Facebook login page. Once you have logged in and given permission for Bloom to access your account you will then be told that you can close the window. Close the browser window and return to bloom.

Now click the button which says I Have Successfully Logged in to show that you have logged into Facebook. This will load up the main Bloom Interface.

Step 3 - Creating a New Album

Once you have logged in properly you will see a window which allows you to create a new album. clicking the create album button will allow you to create an album and set the name to whatever you like. You can also manage your existing photo albums by clicking and selecting the ones which you want to adjust.

Step 4 - Uploading Photos

Bloom is a very simple drag and drop application. This means that uploading photos can be done by simply dragging them from a folder on your computer and dropping them onto the application. Alternatively you can also browse for the photos if you prefer.

Step 5 - Editing Photos

Bloom has limited editing capabilities. Click the buttons to rotate the image before you upload it, this is very useful because there is no need to use additional applications to rotate the images.

Step 6 - Adding Captions to Photos

Captions can be added to photos by typing them below the photo in the text box. Once the image is ready it can then be saved and uploaded to your Facebook account.

It's also possible to tag other people so that they know to have a look at your facebook account and check out your new photos.

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