Comparison of Popular Online Digital Photo Albums

Online digital albums are the best places on the Web to store and share your photos. There are many such websites and we will look into the main features of three popular ones, so as to give a brief comparison.


Photobucket lets you create photo albums online and has simple features by which you can effectively organize, manage and share your photos. There is 10 GB of free space with 5 minutes of video storage. The paid pro account gives you unlimited space with 10 minutes of video and FTP uploading facility. Photobucket has a versatile integration feature that lets you display your photos on social sites like Facebook, MySpace and iGoogle.


Flickr is a simple to use online photo album service and has unique features for easy uploads and provides tools by which you can create the settings for privacy levels and also add tags. The free account lets you upload a maximum of 20 MB every month and let you store photos in sizes which are made smaller. Viewing is for the most recent 200 photos. The pro account which is a paid option has a monthly upload limit of 2 GB with unlimited storage and archiving of high resolution images in original formats.


Webshots provides an easy program for uploading that can be installed on your computer. Posting is also possible directly from the camera on your mobile phone. During upload you can write titles or captions and also do small editing functions like rotating and cropping. Webshots does not allow upload of video clips, and a paid account holder can license his images and upload a maximum of 3000 photos directly to the homepage.