Comparing the Old Photobuckt Login with the New: Is it Better?

If you've been using Photobucket or a long time, you may be surprised by the new Photobucket login, and a little bit disappointed that the old version has disappeared. However, there are many good reasons for the change, and comparing the old and new Photobucket logins can help you to see this for yourself.

The Old View

In the good old days, the Photobucket login showed your main, or root, album, which shared your username. You could also find the panels which described the context of the album on the left, and the options which altered the albums views were on the right. You could also locate any uploading items by looking at the center of the page. There was also a gray area where you could find the actions which you could perform in this album.

The New View

Now, when you access your login area, you can find a display of your latest activity, which means that you can keep track of what you have done recently. There are panels which show your stats, any updates from other albums you follow, and your account limit. You can find Recent Albums pages, and tabs into a secondary menu. This menu allows you to find all of your albums more conveniently than with the previous login. You also have more information at your fingertips, which is why the new login is indeed better.

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