Changing the Privacy Settings on Facebook Photos

Facebook is a fun place to share what's going on in your life with friends and family. But there are some photos that you don't want everyone to see. To limit who can and cannot view your photos you need to change your privacy settings.

Changing your privacy settings is simple and easy. All it takes is navigating the Facebook homepage to get to the proper settings.

Step One: Load the Facebook Homepage and go to Privacy Settings

Go to and log into your account. On the top right part of the page between the link with 'your name' and the 'log out' link is the settings button. Roll your mouse over it and four options appear: 'Account Settings', 'Privacy Settings', 'Application Settings', and 'Help'. Click on the 'Privacy Settings'.

Step Two: Go to Profile Information

There are five links you can click on this page: 'Profile Information', 'Contact Information', 'Applications and Websites', 'Search', and 'Block List'. You will not find the word photo anywhere on this page. Click on Profile Information.

Step Three: Change The Settings

There are many privacy options in your 'profile information' including your birthday and religion, but we're interested in the photo privacy settings. The list of options is in alphabetical order and easy to navigate. There are two photo options that you can change the privacy settings on.

The first is 'Photos and Videos of Me'. These are photos that you've been tagged in.  These could be in one of your own albums or a friends. Basically anyone can click on the photos tab in your profile and see the photos that you are in regardless of whether you uploaded them or not. In your privacy settings there are five options to choose from: 'Everyone', 'Friends and Networks', 'Friends of Friends', 'Only Friends', and 'Customize'. Customize allows you to let only individual people see the photos or block certain people entirely. 

You can also untag yourself from other people's photos if you want to make yourself anonymous. For this, going into the privacy settings is not required. Log in, view the picture you are in, and the option should appear next to your name.

The second photo privacy setting deals with your albums. Anytime you upload photos on Facebook you have to put them in an album. To change the privacy settings click on edit settings which sends you to a new page.

On this new page you can see all of the albums you ever created and each one has individual privacy settings that are similar to the settings regarding photos you are tagged in. 

Share your photos and your life with your friends and family, just be cautious when selecting what to upload and who will be able to view it.

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