Can You Reuse Flickr Pictures?

It is often asked, can a flickr user re-post a picture from that site on their own domain? The answer is that this depends on the license under which the picture is released.

To determine a photo's license, scroll down on the flickr page and look to the right. Under "Additional Information," you will find the license under which the photo is released. There are two possible licenses: Copyright and Creative Commons.

Copyrighted Photos

For copyrighted photos, the answer to this question is no. Copyright means that the content producer "owns" the work and has exclusive rights to it. The only way for you to legally reuse this picture would be if you obtained permission from the photographer.

This can be done, and there's no harm in asking. Some photographers may be willing to allow reuse for a good cause, or due to a persuasive individual. Others might be willing to let their work be reused in exchange for a contribution.

The Creative Commons License

Creative Commons license allows for sharing. Feel free to reuse a CC-licensed photograph. Remember to pay attention to the stipulations of the license: be sure to attribute the picture to its creator and to note whether the license is noncommercial or if it has the share-alike stipulation.

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