Benefits of a Photo Storage Viewer Over Non-Viewable Storage Devices

A photo storage viewer has many benefits over storage devices which do not have a screen. This article will look at some of these differences and consider why you should be prepared to pay slightly more for a device with a screen.

Ease of Viewing Photos

One of the most obvious reasons for choosing a photo storage device which has a screen is because it's possible to review the photos. You will be able to look at the photos on the screen and decide whether or not they are worth keeping. This is a major advantage of these devices over ones without a screen.

Accessible Menu

It's much easier to use photo storage drives with a screen because you can view a graphical menu. Quite often most other photo storage drives will simply work in a similar way to a USB harddrive. This means that you would need a computer to make any changes. With a photo storage device with a screen, however, it's possible to browse through the photos and access the menu easily.

Useful Editing Facilities

Some of these photo storage systems also feature useful editing facilities. This makes it very easy to edit and touch up photos. While the features are much more limited than a computer, they are a welcome addition for any photographer who does a lot of traveling.