Befunky Plus

Befunky Plus is an advanced version of the Befunky photo and image editing software used to create artwork and special effects on photos. The Befunky software can work with images that you upload from your computer desktop, images contained on different websites, or those photos uploaded in a photo sharing program such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo, Picasa and others.

Befunky Plus offers more features than the basic version of the software. Determining the value of the Befunky Plus version over the Befunky Basic version is based on the necessity for the additional features for the type of photo editing work that needs to be done. A novice user who is making simple edits to their social network page has less of a need for the more advanced features found in the advanced Befunky Plus versions than a user who is using the software as part of their commercial enterprise.

3 Versions of Befunky

There are 3 versions of Befunky that are offered for sale and used to bedazzle your photos and images. The Befunky basic version provides the basic user interface for uploading and creating effects on your images, such as those in *.jpeg, *.png and *.gif formats. The 2 plus versions of Befunky, premium and professional, have additional functionality over the basic version for an annual subscription cost of $49.99 and $199.99 respectively. The additional features found in the plus versions of Befunky are:

  • High Resolution Output (2,500 by 2,500 in the Premium version; 4,000 by 4,000 in the Professional version)
  • Commercial Use (Professional version only)
  • Remove Watermarks (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Remove Advertisement Tags (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Priority Processing (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Multiple File Uploads (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Photo Storage and Tracking (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Full Screen Workspace (Premium and Professional versions)
  • Priority Befunky Support (Premium and Professional versions)

The Value of Befunky Plus

For the user who needs the additional functionality provided in both the premium and professional versions, (including higher resolution outputs, the ability to use the software for commercial purposes, and receive priority support), Befunky Plus is worth the expense. For the users who are simply making edits to their Facebook or MySpace images and have no need for any of the additional features provided in the plus versions of the software, the basic version may be more than sufficient to meet their needs.

Determining the Value of Befunky Plus

The decision to pay $49.99 or $199.99 for either the Befunky Premium or Befunky Professional will weigh heavily in determining whether the Befunky Premium or Befunky Professional versions are better for you than the Basic version. As stated above, how you use the photo editing software within the Befunky program will also have a bearing on the selection that you make. The more sophisticated and/or advanced the needs that you have for the software, the greater the need for the higher functionality.

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