Befunky Gallery

Befunky is an online photo editor that adds artwork designs and special effects to your images. Befunky is designed to work with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo, Photobucket and Picasa. Befunky also has an iPhone application designed to be used with your pictures loaded on your iPhone mobile device.

The program has an easy to use interface that can be used by any level of user. The program has 147 photo effects split in 21 different categories. The program can pull photos from anywhere on your computer, and take picture captures from a web cam and from any of the photo sharing sites listed above where you have stored images. Befunky supports the following file formats: *.jpeg, *.gif and *.png.

Befunky Costs

Befunky is free to try in order to get used to the functionality and features of the program. The basic program, which is free, only provides photo effects for the user. The premium version of Befunky, which costs $49.99 per year on a subscription basis, has a high resolution output of 2500 by 2500 pixels and allows the user to remove watermarks, advertisements, has a priority processing, multiple file uploads, photo storage and tracking, full screen workspace and priority support. Befunky Professional version, which can be purchased for $199.99 a year, has all of the features of the premium version, with a 4000 by 4000 pixel resolution, and also can be used commercially.

Befunky Gallery Upload Feature

The Befunky gallery feature allows you to store the artwork that you created with the software to be accessed at a later time for additional editing or display. Pictures are easily uploaded in your gallery by selecting the "Gallery" link in the "Save" menu. You can upload as many images as permitted by the file's license type.

You will need to have a Befunky account in order to create a photo gallery. You can try the basic version of the program to get better acquainted with the gallery upload feature before purchasing the premium or professional version of Befunky.

Befunky Gallery Save Feature

Once photos have been uploaded to the gallery, they are automatically saved within the software. This permits you access to the gallery at a later time. When in the gallery mode, you can preview pictures that were previously posted, delete them or post them to a social networking site.

Identifying Images in the Befunky Gallery

Images saved in the Befunky gallery are given unique identifiers in order to retrieve them easier and quickly. This includes providing the images with a title or name that is given by the user. A tag is also assigned by you the user as a way to quickly retrieve the image within the gallery. Information concerning the images dimension (in pixels) and size (in kilobytes) is displayed as part of its identifier. The date in which the artwork for the image was created and the type of effect used is also provided in the identification information. Finally, privacy information as to whether the image created is public or private is indicated in the gallery.

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