Automatically Tag Facebook Photos with Photo Finder

One of the best features on Facebook is the ability to tag people in photos. The Photo Finder was created by and it is one of Facebook's latest photo applications. It uses facial recognition technology to scan Facebook and find untagged photos of you that you may not have previously known existed as well a bulk tagging friends in your network.  

Sign Up For the Application

Go to and click on the link for the Photo Finder. You will be taken to a sign up page. To sign up for the Photo Finder all you need is your name and e-mail address (the same address you have for your Facebook account). They will send you a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes. Click on the link in that e-mail and you will be brought to your Facebook log in page so that you can install the application.

Using the Application

Log in and the application automatically begins scanning your images to recognize your face as well as the friends that you have tagged. It will then scan all of your friends' images. When the scan is complete every photo in your network will have tags based upon previous tags thanks to facial recognition technology. All you have to do is confirm or deny that the tags are accurate.

When you have photos where a person is unknown you can only tag them through the program if they are in your network of friends. For example, if you have a photo of you and Tom Cruise you can not tag Tom Cruise unless he is one of your friends. This is designed to prevent spamming.

Bulk Tagging

Although a person may be unknown, his/her face is unique and their photos will all be grouped together. This means that all you need to do is tag just one of the photos and the rest will automatically be tagged. Photo Finder displays all of these images with a percentage of how accurate they believe that this is that person. Next to the percentage is a small green box with a check mark and a small red box with an 'X'. All you have to do after that is either accept or decline that the automatic tag is accurate and has tagged the right person.

Photo Finder is a great application for anyone that is into uploading their photos and sharing them on Facebook. When creating a bulk upload, like a photo album with 200 images this can save you a lot of time tagging your friends. Like all Facebook applications, you are allowing a third party access to your network. If you're uncomfortable with giving up some of your privacy then this program may not be for you.

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