Advertising Your Photography Blog

Advertising your photography blog involves more than just uploading photos and waiting for traffic to come in. Blogs for photographers are no longer mere online portfolios of their work. They can be used as a marketing tool, to promote the photographer and show the market what he/she has to offer in terms of products and services. The following are a few tips to marketing a photography blog.

Take Advantage of Google

Photographers who want better exposure for their blog and what it contains should get a better understanding on how Google works and how it ranks websites. This technique is referred to as search engine optimization. For the best results, photographers should aim to have the site appear on the first page of a search. Important factors include having links to the photographer’s blog and optimizing content. Have each page contain distinct titles but using terms that the targeted market would search for. The titles appear on top of the page and hold greater weight than the body text. Define ten search terms that the site should dominate in and use the exact phrases in titles, captions, links and descriptive text.

Avoid Flash Content

Google constantly looks for sites that have been updated frequently or at least once within the last few months. Flash content do not have page names and help little in page ranking. They also require more time to update and may put off viewers who are only interested in seeing the photographer’s work.

Use Social Media

Social media sites should be used to provide links back to the photographer’s website. Invite clients and friends to tag themselves in photographs posted. This increases the chances of having other individuals and potential clients see the photographer’s work.